Public Safety LTE: Deployments, Strategies and Challenges

Our perspectives and insights into Public Safety technologies (including FirstNet, and adoption of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearables, V2V, and more) were covered in latest RCR Wireless report. A 911 call is actionable, but complex data pulled from transportation systems are likely to need real-time analytics and even predictive analytics to be actionable (report excerpt) Contact Wireless … More Public Safety LTE: Deployments, Strategies and Challenges

Learn more about Next Generation Public Safety Technology

Need to better understand the future of Public Safety? Wireless Waypoint presented its views during today’s RCR Wireless hosted Public Safety LTE Webinar.  In the Webinar, Wireless Waypoint discussed FirstNet adoption factors, challenges and opportunities for FirstNet sustainability, and next generation capabilities such as using IoT to tie together physical and cyber security. Book a Consultation … More Learn more about Next Generation Public Safety Technology

Learn More about SS7

Signaling System number Seven (SS7) is a critical component of modern telecommunications systems. SS7 is a communications protocol that provides signaling and control for various network services and capabilities. Being a layered protocol, SS7 provides various protocol levels for connection oriented and connectionless (database) signaling in fixed and mobile networks. While the Internet, wireless data, … More Learn More about SS7

5G USA Update

The US division of Samsung electronics claims to have completed deployment of 5G systems in the USA.  Samsung and Verizon 5G trials will kick off in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington DC, and Michigan.  Verizon sees mobile 5G in late 2019; one-third of the way through its virtualization efforts. Playing it even more conservative than … More 5G USA Update

5G Policy in the Americas

The fifth generation (5G) of cellular communications embodies a much anticipated technology solution set consisting of higher frequency RF, extreme densification of HetNets, MIMO based antennas, and millimeter wave technology. 5G commercial deployment is not anticipated in earnest until approximately 2020.  However, there is substantial R&D effort underway with major telecom infrastructure providers.  There are … More 5G Policy in the Americas