Telecommunications networks, wireless, and Internet based technologies, applications, and services are complex. Navigating systems, architectures, standards, protocols, methods and procedures can be daunting. Wireless Waypoint will help you navigate this complexity.

Wireless Waypoint provides consulting, research, advisory, and expert services for the telecommunications, Internet, and commerce industries. Our primary focus is wireless technology, solutions and applications. Our core competency areas are switching, signaling, and related applications. Our practice areas include strategy and development of emerging business models and ecosystems, network infrastructure, circuit and IP based applications, operational and business support systems.

Our services include:

  • Subject Matter Expert Services: We offer flexible consulting options including phone counsel, project engagement, and retainer.
  • Advisory Services: We offer unbiased, third-party information and opinion often needed at crucial decision points during the business life cycle.
  • Research Services: Independent analysis based on primary research with industry leaders and target companies to fill information gaps needed to support your business decisions.
  • Business Plan Creation/Review: Analysis based upon your specific requirements including the ecosystem, value-chain, key market players, market drivers and trends that warrant consideration.
  • Technology and Business Model Assessment: We’ll help you navigate new technologies and emerging business opportunities to understand what matters and what’s relevant today and tomorrow taking into consideration the competitive landscape.
  • Webinars, Workshops, and Conferences: As thought leaders, we are often sought for our insights and opinions addressing a range of key industries and topics. We also represent companies at events for meetings, data gathering, and reporting.
  • Training and Instruction: We provide on-site training and remote instruction on a variety of topics including many important topic areas such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies, Distributed Computing (MEC, Fog Computing, etc.), Internet of Things (IoT), Data Management (Analytics, Big Data, etc.), Robotics, and more.