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Virtual Reality (VR) Intellectual Property Report: Company (MasterCard) Patent (System and Method for Authentication and Payment in a Virtual Reality Environment)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of immersive technology that leverages various technologies to provide a real-world type experience within a virtual environment. VR is expected to become a substantial market as both consumer acceptance and business usage accelerate. With the anticipation that people will spend a substantial amount of time within a virtual environment, the need to authenticate people will become increasingly important for general purposes as well as to support commerce.


This report is intended to enable awareness of this patent, help the reader better understand the potential significance of this intellectual property, and act as a starting point for further analysis. The report includes consultation time (via telephonic means and/or use of Internet) to allow the reader to ask questions and seek additional information.


Signaling System Seven (SS7)


Data on SS7: This publication has been written in tutorial style and is intended to provide an introduction and overview of SS7 technology and applications at the beginner level.  In addition to evaluating the SS7 protocol, signaling operation, and network engineering, Data on SS7 also provides extensive coverage of various applications of SS7 and related technologies (read more).

Prepaid Communications


Yes to Prepay: This publication provides a working knowledge of the technical and business issues associated with formulating strategy, planning, deploying and operating mobile prepay communications solutions.  The information is targeted specifically for technical and business professionals in the field of mobile communications.