5G USA Update

The US division of Samsung electronics claims to have completed deployment of 5G systems in the USA.  Samsung and Verizon 5G trials will kick off in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington DC, and Michigan.  Verizon sees mobile 5G in late 2019; one-third of the way through its virtualization efforts.

Playing it even more conservative than rival Verizon, Sprint CFO Tarek Robbiati said the carrier sees mobile 5G within the next 5 years

T-Mobile does have its own 5G trials running, Ray said, but it’s in 4G that carriers and equipment makers will develop many of the technologies they’ll need for 5G.  “5G is not ready yet,” Ray said. “It’s maturing quickly, but it’s not real today, and I can’t go and deploy a 5G radio to serve my customers with and give them a handset.”, said T-Mobile USA’s Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray.