Wireless Waypoint Business and Technical Advisory Services

ICT Advisory Services

Wireless Waypoint offers business and technical advisory services within its areas of expertise to high-tech businesses with an emphasis on the ICT industry.

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Wireless Waypoint will sometimes work with the early stage business within a differed compensation model, which will usually consist of equity and/or deferred cash.

Who Needs ICT Advisory Services?

  • Entrepreneurs/Founders
  • Angels/VC’s/Lenders/Bankers
  • CEO/COO/CFO and other executives
  • Prospective Investors and/or Acquirers

We provide unbiased, third-party information and opinion, often needed at crucial decision points during the business life cycle.

ICT Business Advisory Services

  • Wireless Waypoint can help determine your company’s business prospects through its experience, business analysis, and market research
  • Wireless Waypoint will evaluate and/or develop your business plan and market strategy, optimizing it for success
  • Wireless Waypoint will help your organization prepare for funding, development, launch, and exit strategy

ICT Technical Advisory Services

  • Wireless Waypoint will determine if your concept, product, service, and/or business is technically viable, providing direction, and if need be, corrective recommendations and ongoing guidance
  • Wireless Waypoint will assist with intellectual property formation and management crucial to developing and protecting company innovation

Other Services

Wireless Waypoint also provides expert consulting services to clients in need of domain expertise.

While Advisory Services are typically needed during the start-up phase for business, services are sometimes required in the later stages of business such as the acquisition, merger, or IPO stage.  For example, does your business need “virtual staff” or interim management during the start-up phase?

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