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Signaling System number Seven (SS7) is a critical component of modern telecommunications systems. SS7 is a communications protocol that provides signaling and control for various network services and capabilities. Being a layered protocol, SS7 provides various protocol levels for connection oriented and connectionless (database) signaling in fixed and mobile networks.

While the Internet, wireless data, and related technology have captured the attention of millions, many forget or do not realize the importance of SS7. Every call in every network is dependent on SS7. Likewise, every mobile phone user is dependent on SS7 to allow inter-network roaming. SS7 is also the “glue” that sticks together circuit switched (traditional) networks with packet switched (IP based) networks.

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Data on SS7 is written in tutorial style and is intended to provide an introduction and overview of SS7 technology and applications at the beginner level.  In addition to evaluating the SS7 protocol, signaling operation, and network engineering, Data on SS7 also provides extensive coverage of various applications of SS7 and related technologies including:

  • Value-added voice services such as VPN dialing and call routing
  • Next generation services including location-based billing and information
  • SS7 in support of SMS roaming and inter-network messaging
  • Non-voice network requirements including evolution to MMS
  • Triggers and issues driving SMS off-load from SS7 to IP-based networks
  • Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of the stand-alone HLR
  • Implementation of the pseudo HLR and its use in mobile prepay
  • Extraction of data from SS7 for various purposes including network monitoring, billing rating and reconciliation, and presence detection
  • Use of SS7 in support of regulatory mandates such as mobile number portability and lawful intercept
  • Discussion of roaming in mobile networks and the application of mobile IN and SS7 technology for prepay mobile and other voice and data services

What is signaling? Telecommunications signaling is the transmission of data for purposes of sharing information for network control and/or call control. There are two major categories of signaling applications: call set-up and database communications.  Learn more – acquire Data on SS7